Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Successor in UM


Just wanna mention one thing... my younger brother finally successfully entering a University.. hehehe which also was my Uni some time ago... University of Malaya aka UM... the thing is.. he is also taking Biomedical Course.. isk2.. He is truly my brother... but not actually same as me.. He is taking Biohealth... hmmm sounds cam lebey kurang kan... but not the same... I never heard of Biohealth at UM before.. probably none of my friend taking this course.. anyway... Gud Luck my brother... Congratulation...!! Hope you will follow me and if u don't want... make it better than me!!.. become a good man in ur life...

~From your brother far far far away downunder..

** Just winning the DOTA for the first time (me vs com)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Moment To Remember

Date: 26 June 2007
Time: 1400-1500
Location: My room..
Subject: YM
Person Involve: 1 Guy & 1 Girl


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fewwwwwh!! it's all done... at least for now

Just manage to finish my reports yesterday... and of course.. has been submitted rite on time.. hehe.. yeay yeahhh!!!... but I don't know.... am I satisfy with those job that I've done... hmmm.. pasrah... It's all my fault... procrastinating... ahh... let it be for a while.. I've got a bunch of time till next week.. ceitt.... hamik!! By the way... no need to feel guilty rite now.. just bear in ur mind (talking to myself) that u have another report must be completed by mid July... please... don't repeat the same mistake twice... No one want to be bitten by the same snake from the same hole... huh!!.. what's that?? hhahaha I don't know... ngeh2....

See!!... the image at the top.. hehe.. this is my deskbed... the look when I was 'agak pening' thinking bout the report... adehh... this is not really a mess to me... but enough to make me having a headache seeing the bed with all those stuff.. ngaaaa!! but now.. it's already been cleaned up and straighten...

This is another thing!!... what da damn unwired!!!... how could u!!!.. u see at the top of the window... there's a modem hanging... hehe.. actually... there's another one hiding behind the curtain... that's mine... what u see is my friend's modem.. He actually steal the signal from my modem... make me always sick surfing the net!!.. sux!! ie.. as rite now... 'limited connection or connectivity', 'a cable network is unplugged'... kambing!!! ermm.. could u plz ignore all those wires... it's not an engineering fault... it's just.... 'lantak laaa' ... ngeeeeeeee

to tell u the truth.... I supposed to do my homework since I've already spent my nite with friend's.... DOTAing... shoot!!! arghh... ok.. this is my promise to myself.... after the asar, I'll focus on the write up of my project!!!... end of story!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


1st of all... I've become quite a busy man since few days ago... actually I should become one earlier but hehe.... this is me.. so now.. I'm really busy... (really??!!) .. but not really really extremely busy yet..

wakakak.... poor me.. hmmmm.... ok let me leave the problem for myself... inside my head.. and this is not the entry for that problem... (not a real problem... just a problem... huh??!!)

Ok!!!... back to the topic that I would like to tell which is something related to IT or computer... Ubuntu... what is Ubuntu?? I don't wanna write about the basic here... just click to this link

Last week... or last couple of weeks.. I can't remember the exact day/date/time... I've installed one of many Linux distribution... Ubuntu... the idea to install this OS is went through my mind since when I was trying to fix my friend's computer... I don't know the real problem is... it is just the message "NTLDR is missing"...... sort of... this problem... took me a lot of time... do this and that.. try and error... but always an error coming out instead of something nice... sigh.. then .. I remember to use the DamnSmallLinux... I've already discuss about this topic sometime ago... actually this is my last resort in order to try to save the date from being corrupted with the OS.. and then.. one of my friend said that he used LiveCD instead... so... As usual me... I'm become too curious to know the detail of Ubuntu... so............. I try to use the LiveCD (Ubuntu 7.10)... exploring...... bla bla bla... kinda of like it... and then finally decided to install on my laptop.. but I don't like to have dual booting... so.. after a long search and reading... i've decided to install on my external HD...

My first attempt to install the new OS was a failure since the CD i used somehow can't copy some of the files needed.. so... i went to my school hehee.... connected to the wireless service.. and then... download the installer.. (AMD64 version).... it was a complete success i thought so... but somehow... I don't realize the mistake that I made..

I've read about a way to clean install in the external HD but it made me pondering and thinking over and over.. It is said that i need to disconnect my internal HD to avoid from my MBR being altered.... but I kinda reluctant to do so because it is quite a critical time for me.. I need to study for my exam hehe.. there you see ... haha.. supposed i need to focus on my exam but... this kind of things made me wondering and contemplating ... so that i can't focus on my exam.. hehhee.. therefore.... due my reluctance to open up my internal HD.. finally i had installed the OS on my external without disconnecting the internal HD... I thought it went well but.. when i try to boot my windows OS.... it won't boot.. in other words.. It can't boot unless I connect my external to the USB port.. harghhhhhhhhhhh...

Then... I try to solve the problem by reading in the internet... bla bla bla.. it is actually related to the MBR that I mentioned earlier before.. my MBR has been overwritten with GRUB... a boot loader package from the GNU Project.. damn.... this is real problem.. when I trying to solve the problem.. actually I just added more problem hahaa.. damn.. I can't boot even when I was connecting my external.. woowowowoww... this is bad....!! Some command i used back then... was like fixmbr, ermmmm and some sort of Linux command.. hehehehe.. sorry.. I can't remember.. it is a whole time of worrying I couldn't fix them.. huh.. then... finally I made a decision to rewrite the boot.ini manually.. hahaha.. how dare I am rite??!! hehehe.. it is a successful daring move that I had ever made.. But thanks to this boot problem, now I've realize what the real problem of my friend's laptop... the one that I mentioned earlier.. She still have the problem and asking me to help her after my exam finished. Rite now what she do is boot from her USB hehehe.... flash drive.. it's not too bad for her.. huhu...

So, one problem had been solve, boot into windows OS.. but what cost me is I can't boot into Ubuntu since i had to removed the Grub. Then, one day I took out my internal HD and began to reinstall my Ubuntu .. owh I forgot to mention.. this is newer version 8.04 Hardy Heron... AMD64 version... to make the story short... Actually I was planning to install on my external because 1) I don't like to have dual booting 2) I want my Ubuntu to be a portable OS for me..

There you go.. another mistake by me!! warghhh.... why should I install AMD64 version?? I want to make it portable.. so.. not many computer are based on 64 architecture... gerrrghhh.... Then.... went upstairs... huhuhu.. (don' tell others) download x86 version.... which is more suitable and compatible with most other computers....

Finally, after reinstall again... this time using i386 or x86 version... fewwwwwh.... this is time to learn to use Ubuntu.. I was born with windows environment... therefore... it would take times to familiarize myself with this new OS.. especially when there is a lot of command... huhu.. but I kinda of like Ubuntu... but.. my priority now is to finish up all my reports... total of three... and then.... i can do whatever I like.... huhu.. but now.. dotA is on my way........... gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The conclusion... I'm only a beginner with Ubuntu but would like to know more about it.. go Linux go!!! don't let Microsoft dominate the virtual world.... go open source go!!!.. hehee..

Monday, June 16, 2008

A little story after the Final Exam...


finally.... this is the final of the finals.... my last xm was on the 13th of June 2008.... hopefully... i can't guarantee the outcome of the xm yet... but.. lets pray that it will become a good one.. insyaALLAH....

aah.. today is.. Monday.... yeah.. it's Monday... 0100am in the morning... currently browsing through an e-book... guess what... i have a brand new hobby hhahaa..... but before i go on further into the topic... let me just rewind back things I've done after the xm... hehehe... don't worry.. it's not gonna be a whole lot of essay u found in the xm kekeke....

The day of my last xm was on Friday.... finished brainstorming my head at around 1230pm.. then.. went to my friend's house.. not in my schedule but just accept the invitation of my colleague.. Also this is the chance to see his house.. afterall, I were his housemate for the last 2 semesters. ahhh... no need to tell this boring story... ok skip to the next topics..

to make the story short... this is the list of activities I've done for the past 2 days...

*m = morning, a = afternoon, e = evening, n = night

Praying Jumuah -n
Playing badminton with friends -n -e
Playing LAN games (dotA Allstars) -n

Playing LAN games (dotA Allstars) -m
Sleeping like a new born baby -m -a
Went to Worldkitchen warehouse at Alexenderia... bought a couples sets of corellee... Spent a lt of many wooooo... but it's okay... once in a lifetime hehehe.... also... it's not for me.. it's for my mom, sisters and me hohooh.....
Do maintenance on my lappy (laptop) -a
Install new OS (Linux/Ubuntu) -e -n
Can't remember what I was doing back then... hmm

Learning and tweaking with my new OS.. kinda like it.. I should do all the assignment that need to be submit on 23rd June.. but... this Ubuntu make me wondering and contemplating the whole time adehhh....
To be honest.. today I spent most of my time for Ubuntu adehh... noooooooooo!!! i should stop doing this things and concentrate on my report... but.. can't resist maaaa

To be specific... now.... blogging... dowhhhhhhh -m

It's 0129am in the morning... I should go to sleep... I'll continue to write on Ubuntu as I am very much into it... so just want to share some of my little experience on this thing.. so... as for now... jya ne!!

to be continued....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final of the final: Part 2

Alhamdulillah... dah lepas satu subjek. Moga2 aku lepas laa subjek yg baru lepas ni.. hmmm.. what now? still have another xm on Fri. Better be prepared or otherwise no one will suffer except myself.

" Bismillahi tawakkaltu a'lALLAH. wa laa haula walaa quwwata illaa bILLAHil a'liyyil a'zim "

Monday, June 9, 2008

Final of the final: Part 1

Huh... currently I'm having trouble with the carry marks... This is the worst!! Final only contribute about 35% and 45% respectively for two paper that I'm enrolled. Arghh... Tonite I'm reading and reading and sometimes sleeping.. (a lot i think)..

Rite now... blogging!!!?? what the ...***..

I have papers on wed and fri... but neither papers haven't finished read/revised yet.. I don't know..

wish me all da best dear readers............

really hope I can at least pass all da papers... wanna go homeeeeeeeee...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kewajipan Menegur

Ramai orang mengatakan belum cukup ilmu apabila ditanyakan mengapa tidak menegur orang yang berbuat salah. Tidak kurang juga yang mengatakan diri sendiri belum baik, mengapa perlu menegur orang lain. Bahkan ada juga yang mengatakan perlu apa menjaga tepi kain orang, tak perlu jadi 'busy body'. Adakah kita semakin menjadi manusia yang individualistik? Amat mementingkan diri sendiri? Dan banyak lagi alasan lain untuk tidak menegur.Barangkali sifat merendah diri atau memikirkan kelemahan dan kekurangan diri menjadikan kita tidak yakin dan akhirnya meninggalkan usaha mengajak kebaikan.

Persepsi Diri Yang Salah

Ada di antara kita yang memandang zaman ini menegur orang biarlah kepada mereka yang ber'authoriti'. Serahkan sahaja pada pak imam, AJK kerohanian, ustaz atau ustazah dan sebagainya. Ada yang berpendapat untuk menegur orang lain diri perlu menjadi maksum seperti Nabi Muhammad SAW. Tidak kurang juga ramai yang takut kerana khuatir terjejasnya pengaruh, populariti dan keseronokan pergaulan sedangkan sebagai umat Islam keredhaan ALLAH itu adalah matlamat dan mengatasi segala-galanya.

Kewajipan Nasihat Menasihati Bukanlah Untuk Orang Tertentu

Sudilah memberi teguran yang baik dan berhikmah, kerana tanpanya manusia akan selalu terbabas. Fitrah manusia yang selalu lupa dan terburu-buru, seringkali diruntun oleh gelodak nafsu. Berbanggalah diri sebagai seorang Islam, menjadikan kita ini sebahagian dari masyarakat yang membentuk manusia dari dalam dan luar. Jika berdiam sahaja melihat buasnya dunia melalaikan manusia, alamat kita sendiri sedang menuju kehancuran. Terlalu mengharapkan orang lain kadangkala hanya meninggalkan harapan sahaja. Allah memberitahu di dalam Al Quran yang bererti, “Hendaklah ada sebahagian dari golongan yang menyeru kepada kebaikan dan melarang kepada kemungkaran. Mereka itulah orang yang Berjaya”. (Surah Ali Imran : 104)

Kita adalah umat yang terbaik yang lahir dari kelompok manusia wajib untuk mengajak kepada kebajikan dan mencegah kemungkaran. Hukumnya sudah menjadi wajib pada masa kini kerana golongan yang menegur itu semakin mengecil jumlahnya. Menasihati bukan satu cara sahaja. Seorang muslim yang hebat mempunyai daya pemikiran yang kreatif tidak akan putus-putus untuk mengajak manusia kepada kebaikan. Ada daya dengan tangan, maka penyampaian nasihat melalui tulisan atau lukisan.

Menyentuh hati kadangkala lebih berjaya dengan diri dan keperibadian kita sendiri. Lantaran itulah Islam menekankan konsep keperibadian dan akhlak yang mulia. Islam itu adalah menyeluruh dan tidak terhad setakat ibadat solat lima waktu di masjid dan surau semata-mata. Tetapi, penerapan dan aplikasi perlu diterjemahkan dalam kehidupan seharian dalam pelbagai cabang dan ruang lingkup. Dengan ini akan lahirlah keseimbangan(Tawazun) antara ibadat yang dikerjakan dan kesan pengibadatan tersebut yang dizahirkan melalui akhlak dan peribadi kita.

ALLAH melihat usaha kita

Pastinya, Allah melihat natijah kepada usaha kita yang sentiasa menyeru kepada kebaikan. Kepekaan dan sensitiviti kita terhadap perkara mungkar walaupun kita berhadapan dengan suasana yang seperti menghalalkan perkara tersebut tetapi hukum Islam kekal mengharamkannya. Maka, marilah nasihat-menasihati sesama kita kerana tiada kerugian dalam melaksanakan amar ma'ruf dan nahi munkar.