Tuesday, May 27, 2008



Aku tgh makan megi + crumped (macam pancake jer.. bersama yogurt+coklat spread.. erm sedap)
Jam menunjukkan kol 230+-.. (aku lepak2 dari kol 2)
Tetiba presiden hall kuar berlari2.. menuju ke pintu.. pelik nooor.. apekeheinyer...
Pastu ada si awek nih... 2 orang... kuar buat benda yg sama.. hek eeh.. mende dak2 nih...
"weh!! apehal korang nih??!!. Ada mende kat luar tuh???"
"xde... tadi ada Evy telepon.. kata ada org masuk hall... mcm amik beskal.."
"Owh yeke... "
Aku pun kuar aaa... dgn sudu tea and garpu kat tangan.. ke arah tmpt parking beskal..
"looooor... ni mcm chain aku nyer beskal..."
"sah dah nih.. abis beskal aku..."

27 May 2008... 240pm..

**dialog diolah mengikut ingatan aku
**mahal aku beli beskal nih... AUD200


Monday, May 26, 2008

why u shoudn't have only one partition on ur HD??

If u have only one partition on ur hard disk.... and suddenly ur C drive having some problem... severe problem that won't allow u to logon or u can't boot into the system..... and at d same time u stored ur data on C drive.. and no backup at all... like if u lost d data u won't be able to graduate from Uni... what should u do to save ur life???

1) go to PC shop OR ask ur friend to look into the problems
2) Use windows recovery console
3) take out ur hard disk and make it as external drive..
4) Download DamnSmallLinux (DSL) and use it to retrieve ur data
5) Also u can use LiveCD from Ubuntu (download or request free cd).. This way is much easier. No need to alter anything from ur windows file. Try it to love it.

That's all for now that I would be able to think of... but.. my advise...

1) plzzzzzzzzzzz do not put ur precious data on C drive
2) plzzzzzzzzzzz make another partition (can use partition magic)
3) plzzzzzzzzzzz backup ur data if u don't have multiple partition
4) plzzzzzzzzzzz do not save ur data on ur active partition (partition with OS)
5) plzzzzzzzzzzz do not suffer ur friends life by working out ur problem....

allright.... keep on rolling babeyyyyyyyy!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Simulating MATLAB

it is a very Sunday afternoon... the weather just seems nice.. not too hot.. not too cold.. but with just a little bit cloudy.. I felt that I need to focus on different subject other than MATLAB.. I've spent so much time to create a program to sort 20000s of data to an array of [mX54]... where m is depends on the those 20000s data.... But.. u know.. when u finally got the answer to a very long long time of reasoning.. thinking... simulating.. and trying.. u r eager to know and to get the final answer of ur question.. then.. it is when the story begin...

1325: Start running the program.. MATLAB status = bz
1400: Study biomechanics.. MATLAB status = bz
1415: Zzzzzzzzz + Biomech, MATLAB status = bz
1450: Musolla... Praying.. MATLAB status = bz
1520: Biomech.. MATLAB status = bz
1615: Out to Centennial.. Jogging.. MATLAB status = bz
1705: MATLAB status = bz... Musolla.. Praying..
1745: Chatting.. MATLAB status = bz
1815: Biomech.. ZZZzzzz.. MATLAB status = bz
1832: Musolla.. Praying..MATLAB status = bz.. Ctrl+C
1905: Dinner.. MATLAB status = ???.. (LAPTOP=shutdown)

Actually.. it is not because the MATLAB my lappy is shutting down.. but.. yeah.. it is MATLAB.. but... it is me who pressing the combination key CTRL+C which cause the program to halt.. haha... No no no.. my CPU temperature was constantly at 80 degree C for bout 5 hours.. Never mind.. Just let the Dekstop at my lab do the job.. it is designed for heavy usage watttttt!!

~Currently... me.. in the lab.. studying.. biomech..(test maaa on wed at 1000).. MATLAB simulation is running and still running ... till now.. it is 5 hours already hahaha.. but.. no sign to finish at all.. last time.. when I quit the simulation.. it was processing more than 13000s of data... so.. expected to finished in 7 hours.. think so.. let it be.. i'll collect the output at the very tomorrow morning... not really in the early morning.... at 1000 i guess.. Zohor at +-1200.. yeah.... ok stop here.. need to cont on my biomech... warghhhhhh... i hate test+quiz+exam... may ALLAH always be with me..

Updated at 1817

The simulation is still running.. and it's been 8 hours... owwww GOD!!.. I'm goin' home

Updated 0942, Tue 13/05/08

It is still running!!! Shoot!!... Why it takes so long?? I have no idea at all.... shushhhhhh..

Updated 1244, Tue 13/05/08

Finally....... fewwwwwwwwwwwh... the simulation was ended when I was praying... the result is a set of an array of 13931 X 54 data.. but.. yesterday evening, my Supervisor had asked me to filter out those data which are rubbish.. to make the program run faster and somehow ease me to analyze them.. Now.. I need to redo the simulation... ~sigh.. but of course with the smaller dataset....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bendahari OR benda hari-hari??

Monolog di dalam diri
Lepas ni... jangan harap nk suruh aku jaga duit...
Pening kepala aku...
Memang patut laa masa tingkatan 4 dulu... seminggu je aku masuk kelas accounting,..
Kerja bendahari ni mmg pening....
So, kalau kawan korang kerja bendahari... jangan pelik laaaa kalau dia duk mengadap excel 5 jam straight....

Aku bukan bendahari persatuan....
Aku bukan pemegang tabung mana-mana badan kebajikan
Aku hanya penyelaras untuk bil-bil rumah
Aku juga menyelaras segala benda mak nenek berkaitan dengan rumah...
Hakikat yang berlaku

I spent my whole damn night yesterday to calculate the bills... to calculate on the house renting.. on things... everything.... It is a tiring nite.... I'm wasting my whole nite for something not worth it to spend for.... do the calculation…. Balancing everything… the result looks very very weird… alter the rows…. Change value in columns… owh… damn!!!

What the heck am I doing??? My bad…. I let the whole damn thing mount up for 5 months… hahah… you got served!!! So…..


Tolong laaa jangan pass kat aku lagi bab2 jaga duit nih… tidakkkkkkkk!!!... If nak bagi duit…. Then lantak aku laaa nk wat ape ngan duit tuh… itu aku alu2kan sangat :D…

Dah2…. Cukup merepek…. Ari ni x cukup tidur….

900pm: Kira duit
1000pm: kira duit
1100pm: kira duit
200am: kira duit
230am: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
500am: Subuh..
600am: Foosball
700am: Kira duit
800am: kira duit
830am: sarapan
930am: ke kelas
1030am: tdo dalam kelas…
100pm: abis kelas.. lapo..
130pm: makan nasi basmati + butter chicken + madras beef
200pm: Zohor…
300pm: ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

Jya ne!!

Bendahari Bersara (BB)