Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How To Convert EPS to PNG?

Sometimes, when writing scientific journal, the publisher requires you to submit figures in MS WORD file. For me, it would be troublesome as I always save my figure in EPS format to be used together with LaTeX.

Luckily, INKSCAPE can save you from creating the figure from scratch. Follow these steps for EPS to PNG conversion:

  1. Open Inkscape
  2. Click File -> Import
  3. Select .eps file
  4. Click File -> Export Bitmap..
  5. Select Drawing 
  6. Change Bitmap size to 300 dpi or any desired value
  7. Click Export

Friday, April 18, 2014

MS Word Series: Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 - How To Effectively Write Equation

Previously, I've wrote an entry about MS Equation Editor 3.0 here and a workaround in case of your equation do not display correctly. There was also an entry to reuse your LaTeX equation in MS Word here. However, some publication require the use of MS built in Equation Editor.

Luckily enough, the latest Equation Editor, MS Word 2007 and later allow the use of LaTeX syntax. The scope of this topic however, will be covered in another entry (if I have some interest to do so :p)...

Today, I would like to make some notes on how to save yourself time and hassle when typing using Equation Editor 3.0.

The answer is very simple....

Read and apply shortcut when writing the equation. Ask Dr. Google!!

The most handy shortcut would be:

  1. ctrl + L; subscript
  2. ctrl + H; superscript
  3. ctrl + J; sub & superscript
  4. ctrl + F; fraction
  5. ctrl + shift + 9; paranthesis
  6. ctrl + [; bracket
  7. ctrl + shift + {; curly bracket
  8. ctrl + R; square root
  9. ctrl + Shift + E; Text style
  10. ctrl + + / ctrl + shift + =; Math style
  11. ctrl + K, then A; Arrow 
  12. ctrl + K, then I; Infinity 
  13. ctrl + K, then T; times symbol
  14. ctrl + K, then < or >; less/greater than or equal to
  15. ctrl + G, then letter; insert Greek symbol
These shortcut made my life easy. How did I missed this simple thing??? ooowhhhh my...
More shortcuts here

Friday, April 11, 2014

MS Word Series: Creating a Quick Access Toolbar button in Word 2007 to open Equation Editor

Inserting equation using Microsoft equation 3.0 could be annoying since you need to click a few buttons before you can actually use the editor.

Luckily the MathType has done excellent job explaining the shortcut to do this task [go to MathType].

MS Word Series: Equations Are Displayed as Empty or Shaded Boxes in Microsoft Word

Very simple problem but extremely annoying!!!!

I assume this problem happened after I had installed MS Office updates.

I could write and edit the equation written with texsword & MS equation editor 3, but the image displayed was plain gray shaded empty box.

Turns out, the workaround was very easy as explained in MathType TechNote 74. In my case (MS Office 2007), navigate to:

  1. Ribbon -> Word Options -> Advanced -> Show document content
  2. Click on the third option: Show picture placeholders