Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MS Word Series: EQ field

Sometimes we want to put a large bracket spanning of a few lines. The is no direct approach to address this matter. But with a few tricks, you can "easily" do this.

Method 1

Use a equation editor. Personally I like Microsoft Equation Editor 3.
1) Insert a bracket.
2) Put matrices inside the bracket. The number of row depends on how many lines you want.
3) Insert text
4) Adjust font size and spacing

Method 2

Use field codes
1) Alt+F9 then Ctrl+F9
2) Type the following: EQ \b\bc\[(\a\ac(+round,+hi,+nasal))
3) Press Alt+F9
4) Refer to this link for the result & this link for the EQ field documentation.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Preliminary Examination 「予備審査」

Preliminary Examination予備審査 

2014年 12月08日



A Dissertation By 


Guided By

Associate Professor Kouki Nagamune 「長宗 高樹」


Professor Murase Kazuyuki 「村瀬 一之」
Professor Naniwa Tomohide 「浪花 智英」
Professor Hosoda Yosuke 「細田 陽介」

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

MS Excel Series: Anova

This article provides good ANOVA example performed using MS Excel.

One can extend the use of ANOVA with additional plug in (XL Toolbox) that capable of further analysis of ANOVA result with post hoc tests.

MS Excel Series: t-test

This article is an excellent guide of how to perform t-test using excel.

Another example here and here