Monday, January 28, 2013

Newborn (新生児)

18 January 2013 (6 Rabi' Al-Awwal 1434H)

  • Went to hospital for unscheduled checkup regarding mucus and blood (brownish) that has been coming out since Tuesday (15 Jan 2013). 
  • Sensei (Doctor) said there was nothing to worry as the blood coming out was the sign of near labour but since the baby position was still quite high and the vaginal opening very small (less than 1cm) the probability of delivery would be around 2 days and over.
  • Return from hospital.
  • Walking around the house, went to Honey スーパ, Les Plaisirs Bakery to buy some supply and filled up empty stomach. 
  • Watching Doraemon & Shin-chan original version (japanese). おもしろかった。
  • Start feeling the pain with some water coming out in each event of pain around 20 minutes gap. 
  • Asking beloved wife whether should proceed to the hospital or wait for a little bit longer. She was kept insisting to wait until 12pm. 
  • The pain became intense. My wife insists to wait for a little bit longer due to the explanation given by the sensei earlier gives us some confusion. Probably false alarm. 
  • I couldn't stand to watch my wife enduring the pain without knowing what's really happening. 
  • Finally decided to go to the hospital, 福井県立病院 (Fukui Kenritsu Byouin). Luckily there was no snow on the road. 
  • Checkup revealed that the water kept coming out during the pain was the amniotic fluid /water breaking (ようすい/はすい).
  • Went to labor room (じんつうしつ) ~probably. Monitoring the baby heart beat by using CTG.
  • Transferred to delivery room (ぶんべんしつ). 
  • Supporting wife who was in the middle of severe periodic pain. 

19 January 2013 (7 Rabi' Al-Awwal 1434H)

  • The vaginal opening was only around 1 to 2 cm. She was quite upset to hear the news from the nurse. Well, you can't imagine the pain unless you are in her shoes. 
  • The pain was amplified to the extent she can't lie down on the bed. Whenever the pain acted on her body, she will sit and bend down while me/midwife will massge her back to reduce the pain. 
  • The pain was so intense that she would grab anything (of course my hand) to hold onto. That's the only thing I could do to share the pain at that moment. 
  • A nurse gave her a very big size ball for the pain management. It was very hard to see her but yet you can't do anything. 
  • The vaginal opening was increased to 8 cm. 
  • がんばって my beloved wife. 
  • 10 cm!!! It's time.
  • Transferred to the special bed to handle the labour process. 
  • I'm nervous!!
  • She kept pushing at the instance of pain. 
  • Very worried to see her exhausted. Gave her dates to replenish her energy. 
  • She sweats very much. 


  • Our baby was safely delivered!! 
  • Tears coming out at the instant of baby's the first cry. Well, I feel nothing sentimental before HE was born. ~Dalam hati ada taman
  • The nurses cleaning up my baby.
  • Doctor in charge sutures my wife. Luckily the injury was not too excessive. 
  • I asked the nurses to do "Azan". "Allahuakbar.... Allah..... hu... akbar". ~Tears!!!!
  • Performed "Sujud Syukur" for the bless given by ALLAH.