Monday, March 24, 2014

Chart Title - Superscripts & Subscripts

I'm sure many of us stuck with this problem where we want to put some superscripts or subscripts character in the chart title or axes.

One way of workaround is by using unicode character. You can insert either "Insert -> Symbol" for MS Office Excel or "Insert -> Special Character".

From wiki, all you need to do is insert the desired "Character code" for example "00B2" for superscript 2.

Good luck!!!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Manjaro Series: Clean Up Disk Spaces

Over times, hard disk will be filled up with unused rubbish... Don't forget to run

sudo pacman -Sc

Claim your space!!

In case you're wondering which program eat up your precious disk, you could use pacgraph to visualize it in a simple way

pacman -S pacgraph
pacgraph -s -f /tmp/pacgraph && $BROWSER /tmp/pacgraph.svg

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Probably Mendeley and EndNote are the most popular reference manager so far. I don't think many people ever heard of qiqqa.

qiqqa is an awesome reference manager [RM]. The most important features of this RM are:
Integration with MS Word for ref. citation.

  • Easy to find missing reference with BibTeX Sniffer
  • Related articles recommendation
  • Tagging
  • Annotation
  • Annotation report
  • and many more

Here, I want to share an easy way to cite reference in your paper.

  • Press "Add citation" button. You can do this on a single pdf or multiple pdf. This button will insert citation-cluster (unformatted reference style) and merely indicate that there will be a citation there.
  • Add "My Bibliography Section" text at the reference section in your paper. This will alert qiqqa to insert bibliography here later.
  • Press "Add bibliography" button
  • Select your preferred CSL style (in my case: IEEE)
  • Click the magic wand "Reformat all citations"
  • DONE!!!

More on qiqqa functions and features can be found on  qiqqa manual.

Manjaro Series: Installing MS Office 2007 fonts

This tutorial requires access to MSOffice 2007 installer to extract required fonts.

Firstly, you need to extract fonts from .cab file using cabextract. This program is available in AUR.

yaourt -S cabextract

Then extract the .TTF files into yaourt-tmpt-user/ttf-office-2007-fonts directory

cabextract --filter *.TTF /path/to/MSOffice2007/Enterprise.WW/

Next, run

yaourt -S ttf-office-2007-fonts

and..... you're done!!!

Good luck!!