Friday, February 22, 2013

Extend Windows Volume

It been a while since windows 8 came into our digital world but I presumed most of us still run our PC either with windows xp, vista and 7.

It was a little trivial matter to shrink and extend your HD volume. However, by using built in software in windows 7 you can only extend your volume with the unallocated space to the right of partition of interest.

With EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition, it is more flexible and you can rearrange the unallocated partition either to the right or left.

Have done it myself a few hours ago.

Good Luck!!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Backup installed Cydia Apps, Tweaks - via SSH

[ORIGINAL] Solution for How to Backup installed Cydia Apps, Tweaks [Difficult] :
I think that this method is very difficult it needs users that are familiar with SSH and terminal commands, you can make a backup list using dpkg. To make a backup list of your installed sources and packages:
  1. Go into Cydia and install the APT 0.6 Transitional OR APT 0.7 HTTPS package.
  2. Pull the/private/etc/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list file, which contains your custom sources.
  3. SSH in to your device and run the following command: dpkg --get-selections > cydia-apps  [dpkg][space][-][-][get][-][selections][space][>][space][>][cydia-apps] This will create a file called cydia-apps in your root folder /private/var/root/(and you can then download this file to save your installed apps).
To restore your backup list of sources and packages:
  1. Restore to your desired version, jailbreak, open Cydia, and install OpenSSH and APT 0.6 Transitional
  2. SSH into your phone.
  3. Copy the cydia.list file you saved in step 2 to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ and copy the cydia-apps file to /private/var/root
  4. Next you need to run these commands from the ssh terminal:
apt-get update
dpkg –-set-selections < cydia-apps
apt-get dselect-upgrade
And when prompted Do you want to continue [Y/n], hit Y.



  1. Follow step 1 & 2.
  2. Use i-FunBox to SSH your device [Quick Toolbox tab] and follow step 3. 
  1.  Follow all steps in the original solution above.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hospitalization - 入院


The date mentioned above was the day that my lovely baby was hospitalized (入院). My wife and I was really worried about what happened to our Kawai baby.

Firstly the symptoms were:
  1. Projectile vomiting 
  2. Constant hunger
  3. Uneasy feeling
  4. Slightly above normal temperature
We realize the symptoms #1 quite a few days before after our friend said that particular term when she was told by her mother which happened to be there when the projectile vomiting occurs. The vomiting starts when he was about 2 weeks old. For the 2nd week, it happened two times and repeated with the same frequency for the following week. By that time, we felt very worried and planning to take our baby to the hospital the next day. 

The next day was very challenging for us when it was raining in the morning. We hold the thought to bring our son that morning to avoid unnecessary exposure to the rain. Besides, he was in the position of the need for immediate medical attention. By noon, my wife called me and gave me a brief picture of current situation related to our son. He was constantly asking for milk, felt uneasy and his body temperature slightly elevated from yesterday. Without further delayed, I rushed home around 1200 and brought our son the same hospital he was born.

I brought my son to the Paediatric outpatient department and unfortunately the counter was closed for the day and the receptionist asked me to bring my son to an Emergency department. It was quite early at that time, around 1300 and it was expected as we have previous experience when my wife was brought here to unscheduled medical attention for her baby's condition (39th week pregnancy term). 

The doctors examined him and asked me about what happened, the symptoms and some other related information. Well, it was quite hard when you can't speak Japanese fluently and the doctors on the other hand can't communicate well in English except a few terms. However, I managed to deliver what was necessary for the doctors to know in order to interpret what was really going on with my son. The thermometer recorded 38 degree Celsius which quite worrying for our 3 weeks old son.

The doctor asked whether I agree if my son was to be hospitalized. Without thinking I agreed to the suggestion. Well you wouldn't bother about the cost and whatsoever as long as your baby is safe.

Soon, the doctor asked my permission to do some tests on my son including ultrasound, blood test and x-ray. We heard very disturbing crying sound from the examination room while we were waiting for the procedure to finish outside. There were two times when we saw the doctor coming out to take a tube blood container. We were very surprised because he was only so small and yet the blood draw doesn't reflect her small body when we again saw a big size bottle of blood in the hand of the doctor.

To cut the story short, he soon was given an IV of sodium saline if I'm not mistaken (it was written in katakana and kanji). Then, x-ray was performed two times as the first one doesn't look to good because our son was moving during the procedure. It happened to be too many gas inside his stomach and probably it was the main cause of vomiting and constant uneasy feelings.

During hospitalization, body temperature reading was monitored frequently. There was also a day where we need to measure our son's body weight before and after drinking breast milk. Although there was one time where he vomited all milk he had drunk 30 minutes earlier. Sooooooo worried!!!


The blessed Friday morning finally arrived where our son could leave the hospital (退院)after two nights sleep without my presence.

After all the troubled we had gone through, luckily there was no problem with our son's health except the fact that he still has trouble with gas inside his stomach to this day (tapi kuat kentut jugak ngeeee).

Hopefully everything will turn to be a little easier for him by the end of this winter. Pray for him.