Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cersadek: Hujan d pagi ahad

Hari ini ku pergi ke sekolah dengan sejuta harapan........
Agar otak aku dapat secubit ilmu...
Agar aku dapat mengambil data utk projek aku...
Agar aku dapat lari dari aura kemalasan bilik...

Namun.... kerana kebijaksanaan aku ini... terjadilah sebuah kisah cersadek (cerita sangat pendek) untuk hari ahad yg berbahgia ni..

Waktu Kejadian 1: 1100++am
Lokasi: Dewan Malaysia, Sydney
Watak Utama: Aku, Abg Presiden (AP)
Ringkasan Cerita:

AP: Jom!! p uni... kata xde mood duk hall nk study..
Aku: erm.. ko nk wat per kat uni?? p library ke??
AP: Xde lah.. aku ada nk wat simulation skit..
Aku: owh.. ok gak.. jap aku nk p bersiap..

Waktu Kejadian 2: 1200-+pm
Lokasi: Library UNSW, Sydney
Watak Utama: Aku Sorang
Ringkasan Cerita:

"Isk2.. mana laaa plak buku electronics nih... agak2 ar library besor camni xde buku fundamental"
"Haaaa.. akhirnya.... bes gak buku nih.. pinjam la kot.."
"Pas pinjam nih leh p lab amik data utk analyze"

~Berjalan ke lif

"Eh.. jap!! mane lak aku punyer wallet?? hampeh.. aku rs cam dah amik td!!"
Sambil seluk poket kiri "Ipod ajer"
Sambil seluk poket kanan "Ni Hp aku!!"
Meraba kedua2 poket belakang "xde!! kosong jer"
"Arghh!! mangkuk giler!!! apsal ler asik wat benda2 pelik camnih.. "
"Jauh tuh nk datang cni dr hall... dh laaa ari ahad.....warghh!!!"

Waktu Kejadian 2: 1230-+pm
Lokasi: Library UNSW, Sydney
Watak Utama: Aku Sorang Lagi
Ringkasan Cerita:

Jangan kacau aku lah... nk study Op-Amp nih... dh la x paham apa lect ajar dlm kelas.. isk2.. tutorial nk kena anta khamis nih... Selasa Supervisor nk jumpa.. kena dtg lab sok nih.. amik data n analyze... Rabu ada discussion ngan group member utk Biomechanics Assignment.. Isnin depan nk kena antar assginment Biomechanics 1..

Moral of da story

  • Sebelum nak pergi ke sesuatu tempat yg agak jauh dr tempat tinggal, baik check sume benda yang wajib d bawa..
  • Kalau dh kantoi plan A, pandai2 laa wat plan baru...
  • Jangan duk ingat benda yg nth pape... bnyk berangan nanti aku penangan kang!!
Cersadek oleh
(Tajuk entry xde kena mengena sangat dengan isi kandungan.. dats y BM aku x pernah dpt A.. asik lari topik jer.. #-o)

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Aku perlukan momentum!!!

Inertia yang wujud adalah terlalu besar...

Aku dah cuba untuk mencari pecutan yang di perlukan..

Tapi apakan daya... pecutan yang terhasil belum mencapai tahap dimana ia mampu untuk menghasilkan momentum yang besar

Sesungguhnya.. momentum tersebut hanya dapat dihasilkan apabila curahan adrenalin hadir seperti air yang keluar dari sebuah empangan yang pecah..

Hanya masa yang tertentu sahaja dapat menghasilkan sesuatu yang seperti itu...

Perlu mencari satu formula/algorithm untuk memastikan adrenalin tersebut dpt dikawal sesuka hati..

Aku perlukannya disaat sebegini...

Kerajinan=(Momentum*adrenalin) - inertia + unknown variable

**maafkan diatas ayat BM yang sangat broken.. sesungguhnya BM aku mmg sengal

Sunday, April 6, 2008

da To'wan Identity

adehh... at first glimpse I expect everyone will understand wat "to'wan" is!!

For those who aren't very familiar with this term (I'm very very sure everyone knows but assuming there's someone out there who aren't from our gugusan melayu and accidentally read my nthhape2blog nih....) I'll give short explanation on it..

"to'wan, toqwan is similar to tokwan but are not the same. To'wan is described as a young man but behave like tokwan. In the contrary tokwan is an old man and behave like an old man (orthodox). At the same time to'wan is also one who doesn't even know he acted like an old man. To'wan also have very similar symptoms that usually an old man have. He tends to forget things easily and sometimes he can even remember the smallest things that no one expect him to remember. For further explanation, please refer to original dictionary like kamus dewan" Extracted from to'wan dictionary.
I would like to give my special credit to a friend who is responsible for introducing this term in my life. She is currently in Malaysia and having her long holiday before coming back to Australia (Most probably and maybe the fact will change depends on internal and external factors). She was living in Barkers Apartment UNSW for a year. She had her first degree in UTM and went to further her studies on Math at UNSW, Australia. She is also known as "clumsy GPS". And I also would like to give my credit to her housemates for made to'wan quite popular among my friends.

am I missing something???!!........ errrr.. ~sigh


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

virus.. spyware.. kaspersky... eset.. norton

Dah lama aku x format pc* aku.. last.... hmmm mcm dh lama... x ingt.. tp yg pastinya lama aku tuh belum smpi setahun laa hahah.. actually I'm a very very heavy user... always trying to put a new things inside my pc.. IT geeks.. am I??

The story begin when a friend ask me to look after her pc.. she got a little bit depressed (exaggerating) when her YM can't be opened.. I looked at it and knows something is wrong.. In addition the local disk also can't be open as usual. It will pop up a menu "open with".. So.... she asked me because she knew i might have something in my sleeves to secure the problem. So, I try. Try.. and try again... but failed to disinfect the file.. I jump to the conclusion that she might need to format the pc.. and unfortunately she is using XP pro.. no one had the installation CD.. so.. i gave the pc back to her..

before i know what is going on, I'm myself got infected with the damn spyware/virus... shoot!!!! I hate spyware... last time too due to spyware.. and now spyware... damn!! it started with the local disk... can't be open.. i try to view the hidden file .. but failed.. because that damn thing had modified the registry entry.. arghh... sux!!

So i went to uni (because internet connection in my room like ***t) to get faster internet.. i downloaded ESS** and run a full in depth scan. Also not to be forgotten the SuperAntiSpyware (SAS). I run both to ensure that damn thing will not go through the what so called antivirus and antispyware.. I'm very disappointed when the ESS that claimed to be the winner for 2 years in this field failed to block/pin down this damn thing. As for SAS.. it managed to located all the file infected but can't delete the file.. just put it in quarantine folder.

Damn!!! after i spent a lot of my time... what i've experienced is a waste of time.. the damn thing never ever want to get out of my pc.. shoot!! I said "I need to try kaspersky".. But u know what happened then??!! The so called kaspersky caused my windows to response very very slow till i need to shut it down by force. I don't even know how many times I do the same thing.. But for me as well.. stuck in a circle.. run the windows in safe mode.. unfortunately can't uninstall the K*** thing... I tried so many times.. Untill I realized how stupid I am.. why no t just use the system restore.. ~sigh.. Finally it went well.. I mean the windows can finally started normally.. Then............ when I thought the problem was solved......... the K thing or the damn thing i don't know which one caused certain program to be freeze... Even the system restore itself.. SHOOT!!!

That's it!!! i need to format my pc... to make story short... I've installed NORTON (v8-i look down on norton before) because it somehow can detect a virus/spyware namedly win32.gammima............. ~sigh.. But it is not easy to remove this thing.. even when i format the pc... the damn thing is still intact in my hard disk!! SHOOT!!...

GIVE UP!!! don't know what to do.. then when i was having my breakfirst.. someone told me to use "SmitFraudFix".. and i tried.. but not very effective.. but at least having some effect.. then i browse the internet and found a program called "ComboFix".. i used it and finally.... I'm free again... hahaha... syukur............ eventhough... it still left some remnant on the hard disk.. i need to clear it myself.. and till know though!! hopefully it is the inactive one.. i don't want to do the stupid thing over and over again... u know what!! I've even thinking to switch to vista hahah... I don't know.. it is just a matter of the installer of the vista.. if it worked well (pirate version).. I'm confident I'm using vista right now haha..

but thanks to norton for giving me an explanation how to remove the damn thing even though it not worked well with me.. thanks to SmitFraudFix and ComboFix... FYI I'm using Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition right now.. But have been thinking to return to ESS... I don't know.. it is just a matter of time....

huh... u damn little thing win32.gammima + Kaspersky!!! u wasted my time.. more than a day!! SHOOT!!!...

I wanna have shower!!!



**Eset Smart Security 3.0

***Kaspersky 7.0 (BAN!!!)

Updated on Wed, 1750 Oz time

Today I'm surfing as usual and my mind kept telling me not to trust the Norton AV. So I read about ranking and all those stuff including details of every reviews I found on the net. There's one story I want to tell here which is a turning point where I started to pull back my hatred against Karspersky. Yesterday night when I played again with ESS and try to install on my pc together with Norton that already in the system, something had happened. Guess what?!! My pc froze and won't give any response. So as usual me.. RESTORE again ~sigh. Now I realized that the day before when I installed Kaspersky, ESS is already in my system. Maybe... it is just maybe ESS was the one who caused all those problem. But to ensure things, I've already tried to install Kaspersky alone.. before I format my pc and the result just another disappointment. The system "hang" after a while I played around with it.

However, this is me hahaha.. never satisfied with antivirus. Keep looking for the best!! Most of the reviews on same side with Kaspersky. Damn it!! ESS/NOD32 2.7 just at the edge OR on par with Kaspersky. So, I'm risking again my OS life with the Kaspersky installation.. Finally I've succeed and it is just a matter of time to write something about it..

Ja ne!!*